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Shining the light on the psychotherapy cult

A call to the body of Christ to speak the truth in love

Many today in the church believe they have recovered memories of being abused as children. Even though they had no recall of their abuse they now believe that their parents or other significant persons greatly wronged them and that they repressed all memory of the trauma by this trusted person. They believe that they suffered amnesia and that this is how children handle abuse which is too cruel to experience.

The usual and predictable result of recovering these memories of vile deeds done to them in the past is severing of relationships and breaking of family ties. Often it is the father or mother who is blamed for the alleged abuse. Any denials are considered proof of the abuse since psychology says that most abusers are not able to take responsibility for their misdeeds.

Because the parents are not willing to confess to acts of incest, violence towards children, rape, or even murder, they are not allowed to have a relationship with their children or grandchildren. Since both the patient and her therapist confirm the remembered images and acts of abuse, they are sure that such events really happened. This results in a changed world view since the patient formerly viewed life as mostly normal and her parents as mostly loving.

Now the parent is seen as a monster, the patient considers herself a victim, and the therapist recommends years and years of counseling to remember and deal with even more traumatic memories. The more the patient thinks on such unpleasant thoughts and tries to recall vile acts, the more she decompensates into the identity of abuse victim. She is headed for a nervous breakdown and is embarked on a path of no return into the psychotherapy cult.

But hark, there is an answer. And the answer is in Jesus, the truth, and the light which shines into the darkness.

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